Who Are We?

We are parents. We are (just) your everyday adults. We are teachers. We are students. We are all going through journeys of parenthood AND adulthood, where we constantly worry about what classes to send our kids to, how to keep them motivated and really learn something (and not give up halfway). And then there are those days when we chauffeur them around town to classes and sit around having coffee after coffee, mindlessly playing with our phones, waiting for their classes to end, and think to ourselves “When can I do what I want to do again?”

Why Are We Here?

We believe there should be a place where parents don’t have to waste hours researching, because they are assured of quality and fit. We believe in passionate educators, who can really help students see meaning and purpose in what they are learning. We believe in enabling parents and adults do something for themselves, so that they can continue being that motivating and inspiring force for kids. Our journey doesn’t stop here. This is really just the beginning.

What’s our purpose

Smarter Me wants to empower people to learn, and to find meaning and purpose through all sorts of learning opportunities.


Yit Ming

Father to 2 chirpy daughters. A fitness junkie, constantly wishing he has more time to play more sports. Hopes to inspire people with all sorts of fascinating learning opportunities out there.

Kok Young

Doting father of 2 cheeky girls and closet disciple of Wing Chun masters. Wants to make parenthood easier through the use of technology.

Ee Ling

Tiger mother (with an occasional soft side) of 2 cheeky ones. A lover of all things artsy and crafty, to make up for her zero talent in (any) sports. Hopes to help people discover their purpose and true potential.

We are about teachers who believe in more

We are about teachers who truly care

We are about uncovering them, so that YOU can find them