Foiling + Watercolour Brush Calligraphy Workshop

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  • Age: 8 - 70
Foiling + Watercolour Brush Calligraphy Workshop

$200 for a 4 hour workshop.

Key learning objectives:

Learn how to create calligraphy using watercolor brush, understand colour blending, and learn how to foil your work to give it a shiny uplift.

What you will achieve/learn at the end of course:

The possibilities with watercolor brush calligraphy are so endless – gift tags, greetings cards, artwork and a lot more.

This class will teach you easy and helpful techniques about color blending. The watercolor brush calligraphy class is for hobbyists and enthusiasts who would like to learn about it in a wider context.

Colour blending will be the focus of this class. There will be no dull moments at all during the 4-hour period as you will have fun learning how to write in lowercase and uppercase with colour blending. 4 different blending techniques will be taught.

During this workshop, Nehohmee also marries the visual appeal of foiling with the understated beauty of watercolours in a this foiling workshop that will empower you with a shiny new technique to up your game in future gifting endeavours.

You will also design your own card at the end of the workshop.

Equipment/Learning materials:

The following are provided:
- 1 Waterbrush
- 1 Set of alphabet exemplar
- 1 Set of worksheets for practice
- 1 Set of guidelines for practice
- 1 Blank Floral Card
- 4 foiled Cards




- A bright studio in Chinatown which comfortably seats 10-12.
- To get there by public transport, simply take the MRT to Chinatown, and walk through New Market Road Food Centre, and you'll see a flight of stairs going up to Pearl's Hill Terrace. Simply look for the direction signage that Nehohmee has placed up on the walls and follow them!


- Usual class size is 12 pax.
- This workshop is suitable for ages 8 and above.
- A parent is advised to accompany the child participant at the session. Accompanied parent who is not registered will not be involved in the workshop.
- If you’re a left-hander kindly indicate it in the email and send to
- Naomi Ho reserves full rights to amend or adjust the date, time, venue, content, fees, or instructor of any scheduled session.
- In any case of the participant’s absence or no-show or inability to stay the full duration of the session, the participant cannot be granted a refund in full or in part.
- No video-taking or photography by any participant of any part or all of step-by-step instructions, course content or original course material during or after any session is allowed.

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195, PEARL'S HILL TERRACE #02-48, Singapore, 168976

About The Instructor


Calligraphy is not nearly as difficult as it first appears. In fact, the art of calligraphy is inspiring. It is empowering. It is therapeutic. Learning this art opens doors to a lot of possibilities. You’ll be able to express yourself artistically. You will learn to create your own save-the-dates, scrapbook layouts, love letters, invitations, envelopes and a lot more. The possibilities are endless.

If you are looking for the right person to teach you the beautiful art of calligraphy, you’ve come to the right place.

In Naomi's classes, you’ll discover the fundamentals of learning, playing and exploring with brushes and watercolours. Naomi always makes sure there is an atmosphere of life-giving creativity and fun in every workshop while teaching you how to blend colors, select proper brushes and paints and learn calligraphy in as easy as 1-2-3.

Naomi has worked with various corporate clients including Laneige, Sulwhasoo, Tangs, Singapore Tatler, Robinsons, Coach, Mont Blanc and many more.

The Founder

With over 22k followers on Instagram, Naomi has definitely made a name for herself.

It all began when she asked herself: "Do I have a hobby?"

Naomi was working at a business development company at the time, and realised she, and many of her other colleagues, did not have a passion to go home to. Having always been crafty and artistic, Naomi ventured into calligraphy, making her own cards while developing her own style of calligraphy.

"I bought books on calligraphy, watched how-to videos, researched on the history… The style of calligraphy you see me do now is more my style, and I always tell my students with time, your style will evolve," she said.

Today, Naomi has turned her hobby into a full-time career, having her very own art studio where she works on commissioned pieces and holds calligraphy workshops. While her four-hour workshops may seem very time consuming, Naomi assures her students that the hours will pass very quickly. "Because of how therapeutic calligraphy is, you tend to go into that zen, focused mode without knowing. When you come then you'll realise, four hours is very fast," she said.

Students that come for her workshops generally range from 20 to 40-year-olds. However, Naomi has also taught an 8-year-old girl alongside her mother, as well as a woman old enough to be a grandmother, white hair and all. 


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