Kidnetic | 3 Months Unlimited (All locations)

  • 21 Evans Road, Singapore, 259366 and Kallang Practice Track, 52 Stadium Rd, Singapore 397724


  • Available Slots: 5
  • Cancellation: Not Allowed.
  • Age: 4 - 14
This package is for unlimited classes in 3 months; Each class is 1.5 hours.

KidNetic® is a youth and junior athletics development programme. Using an athletics-based programme, FWCC builds youths up from the foundation, working on their balance, stability, motor skills, and awareness, all while having fun!

Kids will get to learn how to run, jump, and throw, improving their fitness, dexterity, and coordination.

This programme is suitable for:
Kids aged 4 - 14 years old. When in the programme, they will be placed in age- and ability-appropriate groups. So whether your kid is on the school team, wants to get fit, needs to get some outdoors activity, or is keen to learn athletics, we have the group for them!

Mon: 18:00 - 19:30, MOE Evans Road
Tue: 18:00 - 19:30, Kallang Practice Track
Wed: 18:00 - 19:30, MOE Evans Road
Thu: 18:00 - 19:30, Kallang Practice Track
Sat: 16:00 - 18:00, MOE Evans Road
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21 Evans Road, Singapore, 259366 and Kallang Practice Track, 52 Stadium Rd, Singapore 397724

About The Instructor


FWCC specializes in coaching athletics and triathlon. As athletes themselves, the coaches possess great expertise and knowledge in sports science and aim to bring their high performance coaching pedagogy to the masses.

Back in 2010, after coming back from training the Commando's Army Half Marathon teams, Coach Fabian wanted to inculcate the same grit and tenacity in developing youths. Already a homegrown name in athletics, he set out to get accredited in coaching from Australian Track & Field Coaches Association (ATFCA), International Triathlon Union (ITU) and International Association of Athletics Federation (IAAF).

Together with expertise in Exercise and Sports Science from Coach Shawn, FWCC has grown to be an all-rounded elite coaching avenue based on the Long Term Athlete Development model.

Their motto is "Creating Champions", but by that, they do not simply mean winning races and getting gold medals. They strive to create champions in individuals in every aspect of life. From success in athletics and triathlons, FWCC athletes carry the same perseverance in life.


Coach Fabian's Story

Fabian Williams is well-known amongst local running circles for his numerous running achievements, most notably becoming the Champion at the Sundown Ultra Marathon 2008 as well as coming in first in the the Men’s Duo Ultra Category at the SAFRA AVventura race in 2012.

Coach Fabian started out as a sprinter for a year before realizing, by accident, that his calling is in long distance running. He went on to run in marathons and ultras for many years, and coached the national athletics team.

While he may still run for fun himself these days, he now no longer does so to win competitions. “The joy in seeing someone else conquer their demons after a while, overweighed me wanting to win myself, in the sport.”

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