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Geraldine Guo

Teaching children is an accomplishment. Getting children excited about learning is an accomplishment! Ever wonder how it feels to send your child to his first holiday camp, to have him come home to say he had tons of fun, AND to receive photos from the organizers capturing his very best moments? It is exhilarating!!

Smarter Me's Discover Me Multi-Activity Holiday Camp was 5 days of activities jam-packed with nothing but fun learning experiences for the kids. Some of which Jaden is new to, like doing a wheel pose, hands-on pottery and launching his very own DIY rocket 🚀!

I am glad he had an enriching time. The camp organizers know that parents like me do not like to miss out on the fun, so they have been taking videos and pictures throughout the week to share with the parents. They have helped every young one in the camp discover more about themselves, so well done!

Ms Clak

I used to rely on search engine or friend's referral about good enriching classes for kids. solved this for me efficiently; an online platform where quality courses are available not only for my children, but also for me!

I book Lauren and myself an Unicorn cupcake decoration class through SmarterMe a few days back. The entire searching and booking process was done in less than 15min.

I was extremely pleased with the course and the instructor; Stacy from @cravingcakesbystacy was very professional and patient with us.


With the help of, I've got both Aayan and I seats to this great session. Traditionally, we would have to scroll through many different websites to find a reliable and trustworthy class. Even after finding them, we might not be able to attend them as the dates might conflict with our own schedule.

What I liked about Smarter Me is the process of booking for lessons was seamless - just scroll through for lessons that you would like to attend, select your available dates and times, and make your payment! I don't need to worry on the quality of the classes and coaches as well cause they have been approved by Smarter Me. Not only does Aayan gets to enjoy classes, I too am able to find adult classes that I like!

Michelle Hon

Lauren had an enriching 5 days of fun learning and exposure to a wide variety of activities at the holiday camp. At the end of the camp, Lauren was given a form to fill up on which activity she enjoyed the most. She likes coding, yoga and painting.

I appreciate that the Smarter Me team provided teachers’ assessment of individual child along with their strengths and weaknesses. I think their observations are spot-on and would definitely explore the possibility of enrolling Lauren into programmes they suggested based on the assessment.

Thank you, Smarter Me for having Lauren in the holiday camp. She still speaks fondly of your team and is very proud of the things she learnt during the week. She no longer awkwardly throws a soccer ball into the air now, because she can dribble!

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