School of Concepts

About Me

The School of Concepts started when a group of passionate and experienced educators got together with the aim to empower children from all walks of life with literacy.

Through their bespoke phonics curriculum, which encourages interactive learning through experiences, play, and the arts, they aim to equip all children with the ability to spell, read, write and create. SoC also believes in educating through technology, taking the best of tech and infusing it with their pedagogy to create Pocket Phonics, where children can learn anytime and anywhere.

They believe that every child should have an equal head start and dedicate their efforts in nurturing independent lifelong learners.

The approach of School of Concepts is all about holistic elements of sequential learning, arts & craft, speech & drama and play for an all-rounded style of education for children to learn English in a fun-filled environment. They built and created their own curriculum, teaching materials, and books over five years, customized for local children and beautifully made and color-coded. Every book is full of fun, engaging activities for parents and kids, detachable flash cards, stories, coloring and more!