To grow and develop fundamental sports skills and social life skills through multiple sports

About Us

Founded by two coaches in Hong Kong before expanding into Singapore, Sport4Kids gives kids the opportunity to learn a range of skills while trying out many different sports in a fun, low-pressure environment, with the main emphasis on skill development and having FUN.

At Sport4Kids, the classes are conducted in a fun filled environment structured to build a foundation for the love of sports early on in life. The core philosophy at Sport4Kids is to encourage a sporting spirit, boost confidence and self esteem irrespective of a child’s level of competence. Sport4Kids is hinged on the belief that positive early sports experiences can help to create a healthy and fulfilling sporting habit for life. This sporting spirit and the lessons learnt can benefit your child in all aspects of life.

Sport4Kids has an army of amazing coaches who are not only well trained but go above and beyond by adding a touch of creativity to make learning fun. Sport4Kids coaches are carefully selected and all have a degree or equivalent in a sports related field. Every coach have completed the Sport4Kids coaching course, ensuring a consistency throughout all the classes they provide. Sport4Kids also have many years experience running after-school activities and PE curriculums from school to high school.

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