Little Art Connoisseur

Little Art Connoisseur seeks to develop the inner artist of every individual from within

About Us

Little Art Connoisseur is an art studio offering Art Education & Training to children of all ages and adults as part of their major curriculum.

At the helm is Moses, an abstract floral painter and the founder and principal art instructor at Little Art Connoisseur. Adept at using Oil & Acrylic paint, his floral paintings are one-of-a-kind. Under the tutelage of Asst. Professor Martin Constable and watercolorist, Ng Woon Lam, Moses has had an extensive knowledge in Art and Color theory.

Little Art Connoisseur prides themselves on their curriculum which stands strong on foundational practices and art history - designed in fun and engaging ways to cater to different age-groups! Little Art Connoisseur hopes and seeks to develop the inner artist of every individual from within.

Hear from his students

"Artist Moses was very meticulous in teaching me some basics of architectural drawings...I'm grateful to have had Artist Moses guide me through some of my first steps in learning architectural sketches and drawings." - P.Mathangi

"Delving into two weeks of Art from years of studying Science, I have been learning new ways of expression and looking at the world around me. Little Art Connoisseur has given me the framework yet freedom to develop and deepen my interests." - Deborah, Student

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31 August 2017 11:53 Wei Shan
Connoisseur Kids (2.5-4yrs) | Trial
Instructor was very patience with my very talkative child. We enjoyed it very much
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