Bowling Is Science

The official Centre of Excellence for young bowlers aspiring to become national players

About Us

Based in Warren Golf & Country Club (WGCC), 'Bowling Is Science' is a bowling coaching academy that specialises in the two-handed style of bowling. At the helm is the former National bowler, Sandra Sageran, and current National Associate Coach, Jerein. The father-and-son duo are rare two-handed bowling specialists in the region. The two-handed style of play is the latest revolution in bowling which increases revolution rates and maximises chances of striking. Head Coach Sandra Sageran is one of the pioneers of two-handed bowling style in the region.

Having conducted at least a decade of research into this revolutionary bowling style, Head Coach Sandra firmly believes that anyone can acquire the skills to pick up this style of play, whether male, female, young or old. One of the talents groomed by Head Coach Sandra is National Associate Coach Jerein, who now coaches two-handed bowling to players of all levels, ranging from 8 year-olds to elite level bowlers in the National team.

'Bowling Is Science' is also the official coaching academy for the Centre of Excellence (COE) programme at WGCC. The COE programme is a three-level structured National Youth Development Programme developed for 10 to 18-year-olds. It is the pathway for aspiring young bowlers to make it to the National Team. Both the single-handed and two-handed bowling style of play are taught by 'Bowling Is Science' at WGCC. At the end of each level (Elementary, Intermediate, Advanced) students will be assessed and evaluated by internationally renowned coaching consultant, Sid Allen. SBF certification will be awarded after successful completion of each level.

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