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A pioneer in leathercraft, SFG creates fine leather goods for high fashion brands

About Us

Founded in 2008 by leather artisan, Xie Hui, Stone For Gold has been creating the finest products - exquisitely and wholly handcrafted from leather.

A renowned name in the leather craft industry, Stone For Gold's partners include key fashion and lifestyle labels like Good Hood Store London, Excluniqueeee, Blackmarket, K.I.N, Left Foot, and WanderWonder, and has consistently provided corporate event services for brands like Robinson, HSBC Private Banking, Uniqlo, Mini Cooper, Claude Bernard, Timex and Zenith.

Xie Hui's passion for and pride in leather crafting and fashion accessories has led to the enduring high quality and distinctive designs of the pieces he creates. Currently, Xie Hui and his team holds regular workshops teaching participants the basics of leather craft, as part of an effort to increase public awareness and trust in the quality of local crafts and the viability of the craftsman as a career path in Singapore.

“Other craftsmen balked at such an idea, fearing that such workshops would only create additional competitors, but I saw it as a way to elevate interest and get more people in to make the entire industry more robust and sustainable." - Xie Hui.

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