ACME Taekwondo

Taekwondo academy in Katong led mainly by Singaporean coaches

About Us

Acme Taekwondo was officially established and affiliated to the Singapore Taekwondo Federation on 1st September 1991. It is a martial arts club, which is dedicated in providing quality training and creating value for its members for their participation and enjoyment.

Acme Taekwondo has been known for nurturing and producing quality players of elite standard, whom in turn become national athletics. Members of Acme Taekwondo participate in varied national demonstrations and elite competitive kyorugi (sparring) as well as poomsae (pattern). Since 1992, the club has extensive collection of medals won by its members nationally and globally, including overall champion titles in the National Championships and STF sanction tournaments.

ACME's mission is to enhance opportunities to generate the growth and development of members in all aspects of the sport and martial art from amateur to elite levels.

Our Coaches

Tan Cheng Hui 

  • 7th Dan (STF/Kukkiwon)
  • WTF International Referee (Poomsae & Kyorugi)
  • STF NCAP Level 3 Coach

Joyce Lim

  • 5th Dan (STF/Kukkiwon)
  • Silver Medalist (SEA Games 2011)
  • Gold Medalist (Commonwealth Championship 2010)
  • National Referee (Poomsae & Kyorugi)
  • STF NCAP Level 1 Coach

Kelvin Lim

  • 4th Dan (STF)
  • National Referee (Poomsae & Kyorugi)
  • STF NCAP Level 2 Coach
  • Bronze Medal (World Tkd Hanmadang 2009)

David Gwee

  • 3rd Dan (STF)
  • Bronze Medalist (SEA Tkd Open 1989)
  • 8X Gold Medalist (National Kyorugi C'ship) 
  • STF NCAP Level 2 Coach

Derek Png

  • 2nd Dan (STF & Kukkiwon)
  • STF NCAP Level 2 Coach
  • 11X Gold Medalist (National Kyorugi C'ship)
  • Gold Medalist (World Tkd Hanmadang 1996)  
  • Gold (1st International Jr C'ship-Jordan 1992)
  • Bronze (5th Asian City Gold Cup)
  • Bronze (8th South East Asia Tkd C'ship)
  • Bronze (1st Brunei Open Tkd C'ships)

Zen Koh

  • 2nd Dan (STF)
  • STF NCAP Level 2 Coach
  • National Referee (Kyorugi)
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