Bloom School of Music and Arts

About Me

Bloom is a place where nature’s gifts are nurtured. Bloom cultivates the love for music in children.

Each of the courses stands on its own and fits the development needs of each student. Class time is educational, fun, purposeful and allows every student to develop creativity and open their imagination. Bloom School of Music and Arts aims to bring out the full potential of every student.

Teachers at Bloom are enthusiastic, thorough and motivated to impart their knowledge and life-long skills to the students.

Every teacher has been meticulously selected and possess

  • Extensive teaching experience

  • Relevant music qualification

  • Strong passion towards teaching young children

  • Knowledge of appropriate techniques to prompt student’s learning interest

  • Periodically, our teachers will provide a detailed assessment of your child to evaluate his/ her performance in terms of aural skills, kinesthetic skills, visual skills, participation and concentration, etc.