The Lettering Workbook

About Me

She was that girl in school - who doodled all over her textbooks.

Little did she know that her passion for artistic expression would lead to a career in graphic design.

The Lettering Workbook (IG profile at @theletteringworkbook) began with the intent to create an actual brush lettering workbook! It then branched out into an Instagram page that aims to inspire others to have fun and learn through creative experimentation. You don't have to be perfect to try!

A graphic designer by day, KY conducts workshops for corporates, adults and kids, in her spare time. Beyond lettering, she is passionate about imparting real working-life skills to children and youth, equipping them with knowledge in art and design which may help them develop their future career path. There are no silly dreams, accidental talents, she believes that everyone is destined for greatness!