Center Pottery

Center Pottery believes in the benefits of clay, ceramics, and pottery to build better mind health in Singapore.


About Us


Center Pottery founder Joan Huang uses her experience and knowledge to promote the benefits of clay, ceramics, and pottery for mind health in Singapore. Pottery is beneficial for patients with mental health issues, such as anxiety, attention-deficit disorder, depression and trauma etc., and also patients who need occupational therapy for rehabilitation of their hand dexterity. 

Joan has deep appreciation for the Japanese aesthetic, and ceramics is one of the pillars of Japanese Art. She studied ceramics at the University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, under the tutorage of master potter Sumi Maeshima. Her passion for making pottery led her to continue her study at the Main Line Art Center in Philadelphia, with master potter Bob Deane. For Joan, the greatest joy comes from holding and using each finished ceramic piece. She hopes that the end-user appreciates this tangible piece of art, to hold and contemplate the process of creation, of life, of usefulness and meaning.

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