Journey of Entrepreneurship (JOE)

JOE wants to build an entrepreneurial culture and creates awareness amongst children to think out-of-the-box

About Us

Journey of Entrepreneurship (JOE)'s mission is to provide a unique learning experience to children in helping them develop an entrepreneurial mindset - in order for them to add significant value to the world. 

JOE aims to build an entrepreneurial culture. A culture that dares to dream, dares to fail and dares to take on big challenges.

JOE was designed to create awareness amongst children to think out-of-the-box and not be limited in how they approach and solve problems. As these children grow up, they will be dealing with problems that no one has solved before. Therefore, a creative and entrepreneurial mindset will truly be an asset for life.

In JOE, they encourage students to see problems as opportunities instead of a burden. Students are given a conducive environment and latitude to think-out-of-the-box and exercise their thinking skills and innovative spirit. The common method of instruction in JOE is to question. They believe that a questioning attitude will help to open up kids' minds. JOE wants our children to grow up making decisions that are not merely based on money but crafted by their passion or desire to make an impact to society. Money is a means – not an end. Create a forgiving environment – one that does not diminish a child’s sense of well-being when they fail. An environment which celebrates people who have tried but failed is instrumental in creating an entrepreneurial landscape in the world.

JOE offers courses targeted at kids and teens, specifically in the area of entrepreneurial training. Their programmes aim to equip the students with knowledge of basic business concepts and financial literacy of setting up a business. JOE's aim is to hand the next generation a solution “package” - that leads to breakthrough solutions in overcoming problems of the future. That “package” would be an entrepreneurial mindset.

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