Between The Lines

Aims to connect a person's hands, mind, and heart through Engligsh language

About Us

With a holistic approach to language education, Between The Lines (BTL) wants to empower a generation of Learners to strongly articulate their thoughts with clarity, coherence and conviction. Through this, BTL believes they will discover their passion and purpose for life, develop values and empathy, and find inspiration to impact society.

BTL believes in educating the whole person in the learning process - connecting the student's heart and mind through the English Language. Its LINES Approach is a comprehensive three-prong approach to Language Education that works simultaneously to enhance the cognitive, linguistic and socio-emotional competencies of learners. It not only enhances the language competencies of students, but also empowers critical thinking and develops emotional awareness and maturity at the same time. Versatile and dynamic, this approach is effectively applied across levels from primary school to junior college and across disciplines.


Join 12, Nan Hua Primary School

They are great teachers who are sensitive to their students’ needs. In every lesson, they would always excite and inspire us and their strategies have been very effective. I'm always looking forward to their class!"

Samantha 13, Methodist Girls' School

"My English results improved leaps and bounds after attending their class. They have inspired me to pursue my love for English through their interactive lessons and these experiences have instilled great moral values in me." 

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